Mission Covenant Church of Sweden

The Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, MCCS, wants to make room for life’s essential questions and to meet the longing we all share of belief, hope and love in the message of Jesus Christ. MCCS wants to make room for life in a society consisting of people with different beliefs and outlooks on life. The MCCS is one of the largest churches in Sweden with an active children’s and youth organization, the Mission Covenant Youth of Sweden, SMU.

MCCS is the second largest church in Sweden. Some 135.000 people take part in services and other activities at 697 congregations. Over 45.000 children and youth are active in the church youth organization, SMU.
The three main components of the congregation are church services with the Word of God, baptism and communion. The congregation provides an open invitation not only for contemplation, but also the opportunity to participate in building a better society. Music and song also play an important role in our fellowship.

Together with Christian churches worldwide, we confess Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior, as stated in the Bible. We want to spread this conviction further; both through the congregations in Sweden as well as through mission work in other countries.

With Christ as the obvious center for faith, MCCS invites open fellowship with space for the numerous perceptions of a varied people. We believe that different ways of interpreting the Bible enriches our fellowship.

The Mission Covenant Church of Sweden strives to be a free and open church. Free in its invitation for others to take a position on and interpret Christian belief; open to the varied needs of all people.

“Good News for all” decribes the MCCS international mission partnership.
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Declaration of Intention
The Church Conference of 2008 decided to accept the Declaration of Intention concerning the creation of a new join denomination/church. The same decision was taken respectively by the Methodist Church Conference and the Baptist Union Conference.
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